WELCOME TOThe first version of a fully decentralized IOTA network
The brand new, completely decentralized IOTA network is here: the very best implementation of a feeless Distributed Ledger based on a directed acyclic graph (DAG), able to host smart contracts, DeFi platforms and second layer applications. This research implementation will be thoroughly tested and iteratively developed into a production IOTA 2.0 network.
BenefitsWelcome to the new IOTA Test-networkNo Coordinator anymore, new message structure, new consensus mechanism. The brand new IOTA network is here to stay.
decentralizedDecentralized, secure & permissionlessBased on a leaderless consensus protocol, IOTA 2.0 is the most decentralized distributed ledger protocol able to handle more than just payments.
finalityFinality within secondsTransactions reach finality in seconds without having to wait for confirmations by centralized entities, and regardless of the amount of network participants.
scalabilityLightweight and modularLow-power devices do not have issues running a node as message creation and validation are not expensive operations. Our modular approach enables countless extensions of the base protocol through additional modules.
feelessFeeless transactionsIOTA 2.0 enables the secure transfer of data and value between humans and machines, opening up new business models based on micro-payments.

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